Are you an expat parent . . . an American raising kids overseas?

Have fun exploring your home culture

Who was George Washington?  What is a home run? How many Senators are there?  Learn how to weave cultural learning into your family's routine in just a few minutes a day.

Develop your child's English reading skills

Effective development of any skill needs consistency in both practice and assessment. Jump start your child's English literacy with a free online assessment.

Exchange ideas with like-minded parents

Join us in the Private Community to share your experience and get great ideas from expat parents around the world.

The Podcast

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013: So Long, Season One . . . and a Surprise Announcement!

Listen to the episode (0:07:33)

012: Ambassador Suzi LeVine and Eric LeVine: Representing the U.S. Abroad

Listen to the episode (0:24:02)

011: Eat like an American . . . Abroad

Listen to the episode (0:33:34)

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