002: Living in Germany with Marianna DuBosq

Episode Summary

In this episode, we learn about living in Germany, as I chat with educator, mom and host of the Bilingual Avenue podcast, Marianna DuBosq.  Hear how Germans take their kitchens with them, recommended software for language learning, and cultural adventures in the Black Forest.

About Marianna DuBosq

Marianna DuBosqMarianna Du Bosq was born in Caracas, Venezuela where she spent the majority of her childhood as a monolingual speaking only Spanish.  Until one day, right before her thirteen birthday, her family moved to the United States and her adventure and passion for language learning began!  Her love for languages started with her own experience and grew into a desire for teaching others leading her to spend several years in the classroom teaching dual language learners.

She is now facing the most challenging yet rewarding facet of her life, that of a multilingual parent with a mix of English, Spanish and German!   Marianna is the blogger and podcast host at Bilingual Avenue where she interviews multilingual parents sharing their best practices along with experts in the field of multilingualism providing actionable tips and strategy.  She has a Master’s in Education with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction.

Support for Parents Raising Bilingual Kids

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Teaching your child a second language (or more) is truly one of the best gifts you can pass on to them.   Bilingual Avenue is here to help and provide you with the tools for success!

Bilingual Avenue is unique, providing its audience content in three different ways:  instructive blog posts, insightful podcasts and a private community of like-minded parents raising bilingual children!


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