004: Living in Stockholm, Sweden with Lisa Ferland

Episode Summary

Lisa Ferland shares her experience living in Stockholm, Sweden with her husband and 2 pre-school children.  We talk about the Swedish lifestyle and culture, differences in schooling, and how Lisa balances her American heritage with assimilating to life in Stockholm.

About Lisa Ferland

Lisa FerlandLisa Ferland has a Masters in Public Health in Epidemiology from Emory University, which she almost threw out the window when she quit her job to focus on her entrepreneurial endeavors and work as a public health consultant. She thoroughly enjoyed her two-second commute from her bedroom to her kitchen—where the majority of this book was pulled together.

While living abroad, Lisa had her second birth in Sweden where she hypnotized her way to an unexpectedly pain-free, natural, and unassisted home birth. If you’d like to follow her personal story, Lisa’s blog can be accessed here.



Stories of Pregnancy, Birthing and Raising Kids Abroad


Knocked Up AbroadPregnancy and childbirth can be stressful at times but when you add in the extra obstacles created by language and cultural barriers, then life becomes even more complicated and interesting.

In Knocked Up Abroad parents share their true stories and experiences.  The result is a sometimes shocking, sometimes hilarious collection that highlights the universal joys and challenges of parenting.



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