011: Eat like an American . . . Abroad

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, I talk to food blogger, Stacy Streuli of Swiss Eats about cooking and eating in Switzerland.

About Stacy Streuli

stacy streuliStacy was born in Texas and spent time living in the Northeast as well as in California.  She and her husband, Oliver, decided to relocate to Switzerland where she stayed home to raise their two children, Elodie and more recent arrival, Gibson.

When Elodie was 5 months old, Stacy began to make home-made baby food for her.  In this same time period, she became aware of a few food documentaries, such as Supersize Me and Food, Inc. These opened Stacy’s eyes to the realities of food production and started her on a path of research and experimentation resulting in a “whole foods” lifestyle that benefits her family and our environment.

The Streuli family now lives in a peaceful village, where they are able to raise chickens and enjoy the bounty of local, organic produce.  Stacy has woven her own food journey into a wonderful blog called Swiss Eats.

About Swiss Eats

Stacy’s goal with this website is to share info, tips, and tricks learned from cooking in Switzerland for the last 10 years. After years of trial and error, years of asking “What is this in German?” and “Where do I buy XYZ?” Stacy has become what a friend jokingly called “an oracle” of food knowledge.  With Swiss Eats, we get to benefit from Stacy’s decade plus of experimentation!

The blog brings to the English-speaking expats in Switzerland easy-to-follow recipes that have been developed or adapted specifically to fit Swiss produce, meat, and budgets.  Many British/Australian/American recipes found on the major websites and in the magazines and cookbooks assume a few things – 1. That you have access to any type of produce year-round, 2. That meat is plentiful and cheap, 3. You can pop down to the market and buy “common” ingredients (which end up sending most expats down a rabbit warren of specialty markets and mail-order!)

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 11.40.01With these common frustrations in mind, Stacy has assembled and ever-growing collection recipes that use LOCAL, SEASONAL INGREDIENTS, and she shows us how to SAVE MONEY when shopping in Switzerland!