005: The Benefits of Audio Content for Expats

Episode Summary

Audio books and podcasts have amazing benefits for those of us living abroad.  From preschoolers  to avid readers, there is something for everyone.  Visit www.parentingabroad.com/book to test drive Audible, and receive your first audiobook FREE.*

About Audible

Audible is a membership service that allows you to purchase audiobooks at a significant discount.  New customers to Audible can receive a one month free subscription including free audiobook of choice.  For your Audible trial, visit my affiliate link.*



In this Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What audio content is
  • How to access both free and paid audio content
  • Why audio content is beneficial for multilingual children
  • How audio content can keep us “connected to home.”
  • How you can receive your first book from Audible FREE.*

Links and Resources Referenced in this Episode:

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